Kayln Milan

"Melanated, Educated! I can change the world!"

Kayln Viy’zion Milan Britton

Kayln is determined to push to the limits of what is unimaginable a 9yr old fashionista, actor, singer, entrepreneur and now Author.

Kayln is an intelligent sweet girl who loves to compliment others as well as encourage others whether older or young Kayln is a Stuart of giving compliments, helping build self-love and confidence through words of affirmations and love.

Kayln is currently an actor with agents in LA, Nashville and Atlanta she made her first celebrity reel with actor at CGTV Adrian R’ mante a Disney star as well as a great mentor.

Kayln passion for singing has led her to do many auditions and showcases. Kayln have had opportunities to perform show cases in front of the star maker Natasha Garcia, Elvin Ross, Lucinda Moore, Raquel Kelly and more.

Kayln is so much more than a 9-year-old she is an entrepreneur who has a swimsuit line that offer other merchandise such as bath bombs, lip gloss and purses.

Outside of all the hard work Kayln loves to go to church, shopping, family, traveling ,gymnastics skating and dancing.

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